Cherry Tree Road Statia Project Completed

Cherry Tree road project completed

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – The Cherry Tree road project is completed and as of Friday, June 11, 2011 and now enters into a six months’ maintenance phase. During this period the painting of the road surface, the placing of traffic signs and street signs will be done. The project was financed by the Ministries of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations (BZK) and Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W) in the Netherlands. 

Construction was done by Public Works and Services of the Public Entity St. Eustatius and supervised by the directorate of Economy, Nature and Infrastructure (ENI). Several construction and procurement activities were subcontracted to local contractors and all work was done by local contractors. 

The project consisted of the reconstruction of the Olive Patrick road, the George Cougar Road, the Eric Gibbs Road and the William Plantz Road. In total 1.5 km of road ways was constructed, with double sided sidewalls for pedestrians. The new roads can accommodate both heavy and non-heavy traffic. Retaining walls are constructed to keep soil and debris from the road ways.

Improve accessibility

The purpose of the Cherry Tree road project was to improve the accessibility for the residents and emergency vehicles, and to improve traffic flow and road safety.  An intergraded approach was implemented by installing underground cables and pipes for electricity, internet and water supply and by tackling erosion. Latter was done by making provisions for drainage and collection of rainwater.

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