Clyde, Reuben and Adelka biggest Vote getters Statia 2020 Elections

Party Leader of the PLP, Rechelline Leerdam, seen here during a recent interview, did not secure enough personal votes to be directly elected

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Just like the BES-Reporter had predicted earlier, Clyde van Putten (PLP) has turned out to be the biggest vote-getter in Statia Elections.

Van Putten with 171 total votes, was closely followed by Reuben Merkman (also PLP) with a total of 168 votes. The number 3 in the total amount of personal votes is Adelka Spanner from the Democratic Party (DP) with a total of 132 personal votes.


Charles Woodley, the number 2 on the PLP list achieved a total of 116 personal votes, 5 more than the number 1 of the PLP list, Rechelline Leerdam. However, in order to have been chosen directly into the Island Council, Woodley would have needed a total of 157 personal votes. That means that, if no other decisions are taken on a Party level, that Van Putten, Merkman and Leerdam will occupy the 3 Island Council seats for the PLP.


For the DP, the candidates who have been directly elected to the Island Council are Adelka Spanner, followed by Koos Sneek with a total of 121 personal votes. This means that, effectively, for the DP nothing changes compared to the situation previous to the dissolution of the Island Council in February 2018.

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