Coaching Program for Deaf Adults and 18+ Individuals with Mild Intellectual Disabilities

KRALENDIJK – This month, the Department of Society and Care is launching a coaching program for deaf citizens aged 18 and older, as well as for those aged 18 and above with mild intellectual disabilities.

These adults face unique challenges compared to their peers and often struggle with everyday tasks, frequently encountering communication difficulties that are not immediately visible.

This coaching program is also accessible to clients of the Akseso Foundation who have difficulty fully participating in society. The goal is to provide all participants with the appropriate guidance and support to help them better navigate in society. Research on Bonaire has indicated that these individuals often struggle to find suitable employment and housing.

Approximately 40 participants can take part in this pilot program. Some have previously taken courses with the Forma Foundation, while others are clients of Akseso or utilize sign language interpreters. During the coaching program, each participant will receive individualized guidance and tailored support, with sign language interpreters available for deaf participants.

Specially trained coaches will oversee the participants, and LOF BV, a local agency, is responsible for coaching and training the life coaches. This pilot program is set to run from September to December 2023, with hopes of expansion following the evaluation.

The Department of Society and Care aims to gain insights into the needs of participants in terms of education, employment, and health through this coaching program. With this information, they can make proposals and collaborate with other organizations to develop plans for these groups.

Do you know a deaf adult aged 18 or older or an individual aged 18+ with a mild intellectual disability? Would you like to enroll them in future coaching sessions? Please send a message to LOF BV at 777 6979 or visit the Department of Society and Care at Kaya Neerlandia 40 during office hours.

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