Coast Guard introduces new helicopter and aircraft

The new helicopter and a new plane seen at the airport in Curaçao. Photo: Coast Guard 

In recent years, the Coast Guard has been working on implementing new airborne assets. 

According to a spokesperson for the Coast Guard, a priority has been to equip these assets with technological tools to assist in carrying out coast guard tasks. Upon finalizing the new contracts, it was ensured that the new airborne assets are equipped with modern technology, including new day and night cameras, extensive optical sensors, and improved communication tools. 

The Coast Guard states that this new equipment is very suitable for sea rescue operations and surveillance tasks. The new helicopters are sourced from Bristow Helicopters Limited. Through the contract with Bristow, the Coast Guard has secured its helicopter flight capacity for its services for 10 years with the company. As for the aircraft, the Coast Guard has entered into a contract with ISR Support Europe, a collaboration between PAL Aerospace Ltd and the Dutch Jetsupport. This contract guarantees aircraft services for a period of 10 years. 


The Coast Guard expresses its satisfaction with the new contracts and the new units for carrying out its coast guard tasks.

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