Code Yellow: Bonaire Wide Open Again for Dutch Tourists

Kralendijk- Bonaire is now classified again as a so-called ‘code yellow’ area for tourists traveling from The Netherlands to the island. This means that travel to Bonaire is no longer discouraged by Dutch Government.

It also means that tourists who have visited the island, are not required to go into quarantine when returning to The Netherlands.

The measure is very good news for tourism on Bonaire, especially in light of the fact that travel to any other country except the Dutch Caribbean islands is actively discouraged.


Minister Hugo de Jonge wants to design an overall framework to the islands. According to Dutch Government, the framework is needed given the special nature of the islands.

Not everybody on the island is exactly ‘wild’ about the lower threshold put on place for Dutch tourists to the island, given the fact that the rate of infection in The Netherlands is quite high at the moment. Visitors to the island out of Europe are required to undergo a PCR-test and need to provide proof of a negative result before boarding a plane to the island.

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