Commisioner Den Heyer hands out the very first Bookstart suitcase

Kralendijk – During the start of the National Reading Days, Commissioner Nina den Heyer presented the very first free BookStart box to baby Arian.

The BookStart case contains two booklets. Practical and fun reading tips have been collected with each booklet. Look in the booklet you found in your briefcase. Then you will see for yourself what you can do with it!

Parents can now take their baby or toddler to the library, make him/her a member and receive the free BookStart case. They can also visit the BookStart corner in the library to see which fun, new books are there to be discovered.

Reading a book together – pointing to pictures and telling stories – strengthens the bond with your baby and toddler. And children who have been read to as babies are better at language later on. You can’t start reading early enough.
Library membership is free for children up to the age of 18. With a membership you can borrow four books for a period of three weeks.

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