Commissioner Abraham detained on suspicion of domestic violence

Commissioner Abraham was released from Police custody this afternoon around 5.30 PM.

The commissioner, seen her on a archive picture, had just returned from Holland where he participated in the IPKO conference.

Kralendijk -According to a statement by the Public Prosecutor’s Office BES, commisioner Clark Abraham was arrested earlier tonight at the Police station in Kralendijk.

According to the Public Prosecutor’s Office, Abraham is being accused of physical abuse, stalking, illegal trespassing and the withdrawal of a minor from parental authority. The Prosecutor’s office says that a complaint had been filed against Abraham, accusing him of these facts.

Abraham had just returned from the Netherlands, where he participated in the Interparliamentary Kingdom consultation (IPKO) together with other island councilors and government representatives. At the airport, he was received by his lawyer, who accompanied Abraham to the police station.

According to a statement sent to the press, the Police is conducting further investigation into the matter.

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