Commissioner Craane wants to discuss sewage tax with the hotel sector

Commissioner Jolinda Craane prefers dialogue over legal route. Photo: Bonaire Government. 

 KRALENDIJK – After the Court struck down the sewage tax as established by the Island Council, Commissioner Jolinda Craane of Economy and Tourism intends to engage in dialogue with the Hospitality sector.

“The public entity Bonaire has the option to appeal, but I prefer a conversation. It is my first choice to enter into discussions with stakeholders and find a new arrangement that can be presented to the Island Council. Stakeholders will receive an invitation for this soon,” said Commissioner Craane.

Bonhata disagreed with the fact that hotels and restaurants, in particular, had to pay significantly more than households and offices. The court sided with the industry association. According to the court, the regulation adopted by the Island Council is in violation of the principles of equality and proportionality.

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