Commissioner Den Heyer Wants Corona bonus Local Healthcare Workers

Kralendijk – Commissioner Nina den Heyer has called on Minister Tamara van Ark of Medical Affairs to also make the so called Corona bonus paid to healthcare professionals in the European Netherlands available to healthcare workers in Caribbean Netherlands.

Den Heyer, in a letter to Van Ark, supported the position of the board of the Fundashon Mariadal and the AFWB trade union. They also believe that the care professionals in the BES Islands who made an extraordinary effort during the corona pandemic should also be eligible for the bonus. In the scheme as established by the cabinet, the Caribbean Netherlands is excluded because the pressure on care would not have been great.  

In her letter, Den Heyer states that a number of healthcare professionals in Caribbean Netherlands have performed just as well as their counterparts on the mainland and will have continue to deliver. “I therefore urge you to open up the scheme to our entire country, including Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba. As small as the financial consequences for your ministry will be, the appreciation for this gesture will be so great,” Den Heyer concludes her letter.

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