Commissioner Wilson visits farming locations

A view of the farm
A view of The Farm

The Bottom, Saba – Commissioner of Agricultural Affairs Rolando Wilson visited a number of farming locations on Friday, February 4. He visited The Farm at Zion’s Hill and several individual farmers throughout the island.

At The Farm, Commissioner Wilson observed the hard work being done by Junior Hassell, Orlando Hassell, Aneuris Hassell and team leader Vernon Liburd. Produce that has been planted at The Farm include lettuce, broccoli, sweet peppers, seasoning peppers, carrots, tomatoes, onions, chives, thyme, cabbage, beets, cassava, eggplant, christophene (chayote), tanyas, sweet potatoes (white and red), Dutch potatoes, bananas, plantain, pumpkin, celery and papayas.

The produce of The Farm is sold locally, through the supermarkets. Commissioner Wilson said that he was “extremely proud” of the men working at The Farm. “I have to congratulate them on the amount of work they have covered thus far. It  was pleasure to see them working in harmony  and in a cheerful spirit. Team leader Vernon really has them motivated and with his consistent encouragement they are also very proud and happy to be able to be contributing towards the community,” said Wilson.

The Commissioner also visited several local farmers. Jimmy Zagers and Lancelot Hassell in Zion’s Hill are growing some of the similar products that are being produced at The Farm, including the Dutch potatoes, which are an all-time favorite of people on Saba. Zagers and Hassell expressed appreciation to Wilson for his visit and his interest in their farming activities.

From there, the Commissioner went to Benny Johnson at Rendez-vous. Johnson also had a lot planted. The difference was that his Dutch potatoes were planted earlier and they have grown very high. Aside from his farming, Johnson also tends to his well-fed, obviously very healthy bull.

Retired well-known Saban politician Will Johnson in The Level was Commissioner Wilson’s last visit of the day. Johnson was very glad to share his joy about the produce that he has been growing in his garden. Wilson said he would be visiting a few other farmers shortly. Farming is going well with the amount of rain that Saba has been receiving.

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