Commissioners stress importance of going out in a Safe Manner

Commissioners Anjelica Cicilia (l) and Nina den Heyer (r), along with former commissioner James Kroon

KRALENDIJK- In recent weeks, the Public Entity actively campaigned to emphasize the importance of going out safely. 

Especially on Social Media, various posts have appeared, promoting the importance of going out in a safe manner, and preventing unsafe behaviour. In addition, Commissioner Nina den Heyer called on residents last Friday to celebrate carnival safely and keep it enjoyable for everyone.

During the parade, commissioners Anjelica Cicilia and Nina den Heyer were visibly on the streets wearing the Sali Seif T-shirt, which was also worn by the carnival group of the EQ Foundation, which, in addition to advocating for the LGBTI+ community, also promotes safe sex.

The two current commissioners were joined by former commissioner James Kroon (UPB), who took a photo with his two female successors in a Sali Seif T-shirt. 

The two current commissioners and Kroon thereby demonstrate that there are issues that transcend party politics.

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