Construction of Chogogo Resort Bonaire steadily progressing

The first block of hotel rooms is about finished. There are various others in less advanced stages of completion. Photo: BES-Reporter.

Kralendijk- In spite of the Covid-19 crisis and the rainy weather of the past few weeks, the construction of the new Chogogo Time-to-Smile Resort in Bonaire is steadily progressing.

The resort can easily be called the most controversial on the island. People either love or hate the design. Many native residents seem to find the new hotel appealing and a ‘sign of progress’, while many non-native residents find the new construction horrible and outright ugly.


Once finished, the Resort will provide quite some jobs. While normally Bonaire hardly knows any unemployment, the Covid crisis have left many residents in the hotel sector without a job. The opening of the new resort will therefore be welcome from the perspective of employment.

The resort is constructed and will be operated in close cooperation with Tui. It is therefor also expected that the resort, once in operation, will lead to more Tui flights.

In his press conference last week Island Governor Rijna said that KLM was now allowed to have 7 weekly return flights to Bonaire and Tui a total of 4 weekly return flights. Once the coronacrisis is over however, there will be as many flights as demand dictates. Most flights from Tui are so-called ’triangle flights’, in combination with either Aruba or Curaçao.

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