Constructive consultation between schools and The Public Entity of Bonaire

Kralendijk – On September 22nd, at the initiative of The Public Entity of Bonaire (OLB),  consultation has taken place between all schools for primary, secondary and vocational education and the OLB. Sylvana Janga-Serfilia (Directorate of Society and Care), Marian Luinstra-Passchier (Department of Public Health) and Anouk Hansen (EOZ) have discussed the significance of the COVID-19 measures for the schools.

The Public Entity understands the worries among parents and staff. People have discussed the impact of the decision to keep the schools open. This decision was taken by the Lieutenant Governor, because research shows that children do not transmit COVID-19 infection quickly and if they do become infected, they rarely become ill. So far, it has also been found that hardly any infections occur in schools. Even if children get infected and it is passed on to others, this usually happens outside of school, where there is much more intensive contact than at school.

Topics of discussion included the proper regulation of the flows of parents and children, when entering and leaving the schools, keeping as much distance as possible, and how hygiene measures have been intensified. Schools could share with each other how they approach this and learn from each other’s experiences.

Everyone in attendance shared their concerns about parents keeping children at home. Understandably, parents are concerned and want to protect their children. However, it is not necessary.

Schools offer education that is important for the future of the children, but also offer the environment where the children can develop well socially.

Children rarely get sick and rarely infect each other at school. It is very important for children to go to school.

The infections in Bonaire mainly take place among working people.

The Department of Education will continue to implement the Compulsory Education Act. This means that in the event of unauthorized absence, the attendance officer will warn the parents.

The sports classes at school were also discussed. Children under 18 do not have to keep 1.5 meter distance from each other and can continue to play sports, both indoors and outdoors. Sports classes at schools will therefore continue. Outdoor contact sports are still allowed.

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