Correctional Institution Caribbean Netherlands is also a recognised training company

From left to right: Project Manager Ban pa Kambio Aisheline Lacroes; Director JICN Wibo de Vries; consultant and trainer at ROA CN Danielle van der Wal; Deputy Director JICN Sharlon Willems.

Kralendijk, The Bottom, Saba, Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – The Correctional Institution Caribbean Netherlands (JICN) has been appointed by the Labour Market Education Council Caribbean Netherlands (ROA CN) as an accredited training company. On the occasion of this recognition, the ROA CN handed out the corresponding certificate to the management of the JICN. Officially, the institution was already recognised as a learning company by the ROA CN more than two years ago, but partly due to the situation with regards to the coronavirus, an official awarding ceremony was not possible sooner.

Since its recognition as a training company, the JICN provides (secondary vocational education) training for detainees, in cooperation with Fundashon Forma. As a recognised training company, the institution is authorised to facilitate an internship – nowadays known as vocational practice – for both external students and detainees. The JICN itself employs several trainers, who are trained and authorised to supervise detainees and other students during their professional practice.

The possibility to follow a training course is an important part of the reintegration process for detainees. By interconnecting education in detention to education outside detention, the detainee can work towards a diploma – and thus his or her future.

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