Council member Junny Wout (MPB) participates in congress in The Hague

Wout during his visit met, among others, State Secretary Alexandra van Huffelen. Photo: MPB

KRALENDIJK/DEN HAAG – During a visit to the Netherlands, Junny Wout, Island Council member of MPB on Bonaire, took part in a congress in The Hague on “Shared Responsibility, Equality, and Mutual Trust.” 

The congress, held in the Second Chamber, discussed the collaboration between the European and Caribbean parts of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Challenges such as climate management, energy transition, and poverty alleviation were emphasized, with a focus on equal collaboration between private and public entities. 


Led by Senator Jeroen Recourt, the congress brought together participants from the BES islands, Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten, and the Netherlands, underscoring the importance of mutual trust for tangible results in cooperation between the parties.

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