Covid-19 Vaccine Arrives in Anguilla

A special Short-360 plane transported the cases, which on Wednesday evening had arrive in Antigua on a Britsch Airways flight.

The Valley, Anguilla- The island of Anguilla on Thursday morning received it’s first batch of the AstraZeneca vaccin to be used on the island.

The vaccine was brought in on a special flight executed by a Short360 plane, which departed Antigua and had as final destination the British Virgin Islands. The cases had arrived Wednesday night in Antigua on a British Airways flight. The plane with the vaccines for Antigua landed at around 10.20 am at the Clayton J. Lloyd international airport.


As early as Friday, February 5, vaccination will begin of the most vulnerable population on the island, followed by other groups on the island, like health care personal, police force, tourism workers and the general population.

With the arrival of the vaccine and subsequent vaccination, Anguilla will be one of the first Caribbean islands able to vaccinate their population against Covid19.

St. Eustatius and Saba will however shortly follow suit. The arrival of the vaccine on both islands is planned around the 15th of February. Freezers to store the Moderna vaccine to be used on the 2 smallest BES-islands were already installed and tested.

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