Cultural event “Nos Zjilea”

Rincon – Upcoming Saturday November 24, there will be the next edition of the cultural event ‘Nos Zjilea’ at the cultural park Mangazina di Rei. The theme will be ‘Pone Barí Ronka’, that can be translated as ’the celebration of the tradition of the local instrument Barí’. The main goal of this edition is to stimulate appreciation for our cultural heritage of music.

In the 17th century, slaves came to the island to work at the salt pans. In their spare time, the local instrument we know as the bari was played to express frustration, anger and joy. After the slaves have been given their freedom, playing on the bari has become a tradition. In the month of December our ancestors came together at the location Piedra Pretu to play the bari. This involved various events that took place throughout the year.

Nos Zjilea

Youngsters from the music group ‘Ayo Mundu’ and the dance group ‘Zoya Ku Nos’ will open the Pone Bari Ronka celebration with a presentation that they have prepared exclusively for this occasion. They received lessons from Gonsalvo “Kòrá” Goeloe,  Wesley “Wèwè” St. Jago and Jumira Goeloe.

In addition, there is also a special presentation of the winners of the poetry contest among our elderly from residence ‘Cocari’. Do not miss the opportunity to listen to the winning poetry, titled “Kantami na Barí” by Fransisca “Chika” Balentin. Come and listen to the nice poetry of Alfoncina “Elsa” Janga with the title “Dede pa ki mi tin bo” and enjoy the song “Telele” sung by Luciana “Lu” Janga.

As always, you can enjoy the dance couple Donny & Monique Winklaar and of course you can also participate. All this in a cozy atmosphere with “live” performances by the local band “Grupo E Berdat” and the band of the moment “Tessa Fessa”.

A visit to the ‘Nos Zjilea’ is of course not complete without a visit to our breathtaking area exhibition about the culture and nature of the area Rincon. This is highly recommended.

At the local market you can taste and admire various local fresh products such as “strop’i kalbas”, locally produced natural fruit juices “Made in Rincon”, local delicacies, local art, and much more. You can also enjoy various local dishes.

We will be happy to see you on ‘Nos Zjilea’, the cultural event of Bonaire, on Saturday, November 24 from 8 am to 2 pm. For more information you can visit the facebook fanpage of Mangazina di Rei.

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