Curacao Coast Guard intercepts boat with 43 undocumented people

Willemstad – Last night, the Coast Guard radar system in the Caribbean had a suspect contact and it was heading towards Curaçao. The contact was a suspicious vessel sailing towards the island from the territorial waters of Venezuela.

Upon arrival of the suspect contact, a “lancha” with 43 undocumented migrants was found on board. The undocumented group also had two monkeys with them. All undocumented Venezuelans, 9 of whom are women and 34 men were transferred to the Police Corps Curaçao. The veterinary service took the animals and GMN was on site to test the persons of COVID-19.

The Coast Guard continues its intensive patrol of the maritime borders of Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire. For the patrol the Coast Guard receives assistance from Defense in the form of the station ship Zr.Ms. Groningen and soldiers on land to guard. The Coast Guard also requests the assistance of all civilians living at sea and coastlines, if you perceive suspicious situations to call the number 913 of the Coast Guard. With your help they keep the sea and the coastlines of the island safe.

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