Curacao’s Dash supports the interception of drug boats

Willemstad – The Coast Guard’s Dash aircraft recently received support from its international partners given upon successful interception of a drug boat. This action is on the open sea about 430 kilos of drugs packed in 21 bales. Except for the operations on the open sea, the Coast Guard also remains alert to drug shipments and shipments of undocumented migrants trying to enter the islands illegally.

The intensive surveillance of the coastlines will be continued in collaboration with Defense, whereby the station ship for coast guard patrols is deployed. In addition, the Coast Guard units such as the Dash, the Metal Sharks and the Cutters by the Rescue and Coordination Center sent to sea to check suspicious contacts.

As an alert citizen, you can help the Coast Guard when observing suspicious situations at sea by calling us at 913. Vessels at sea can also use VHF channel 16 contact the Coast Guard Rescue and Coordination Center when sighting of suspicious and / or dangerous situations. With your cooperation, they can keep the sea and the coastlines of the island safe.

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