Departing Commissioner Tjin Asjoe fed up with Rumors about Private Life

The Commissioner had a Thanksgiving Breakfast with his staff, but also handed in his resigation on November 26th. Photo: Facebook Page Tjin Asjoe

Kralendijk- Ex-commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe, who on Thursday resigned from his position as Commissioner of Economic Affairs, Tourism and Finance says he is fed up with (false) rumors about his private life.

The rumors reached a high point, after the Commissioner communicated earlier in the week that he and his wife Ronella Croes were planning to separate.

“While the freedom of expression is a great good, this does not give people the freedom to spread false rumors or blatant lies about other people”, said Tjin Asjoe in reference to rumors on especially Facebook that an extramarital affair was the cause of his upcoming divorce.

Tijn Asjoe as of late came under heavy fire because of discussions about an integrity study at the Bonaire Holding Company, the fact that the 2021 budget had not been timely presented to the Island Council and the repeated delay in the presentation of the results of the Masterplan2030.


Tjin Asjoe also said in a statement on Friday that his resignation was of a ’temporary nature’. “While in good consultation with the MPB it was decided that I would resign now to deal -among others- with my personal situation, we have also agreed that I would come back as Commissioner 1 year before the next elections”.

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