Dismay in Statia over Resident Throwing Bottles on Street

Oranjestad- There is dismay and even anger in St. Eustatius this weekend over the attitude of a resident, who decided to throw a bunch of empty beer bottles left on his property, onto the public road.

When asked why he was throwing bottles on the the street, leaving various of them broken and willfully causing a dangerous situation, the resident in question said people were also throwing bottles on his property and he was fed up with the situation.

The BES-Reporter was approached by various residents on Statia, indicating that they were annoyed by the attitude of the resident in question. This is especially true they said, taking into consideration that the resident is the husband of a well-known business woman on the island, who on top of that is also a member of the so-called ‘advisory council’.

Class justice

“This is a very good example of how authorities do not treat people equal on this island” said All-for-1 leader Charles Woodley, who also contacted the BES-Reporter on the issue.

Recently the Police Force Caribbean Netherlands (KPCN) on St. Eustatius has come under attack for what some residents consider ‘haphazard’ action against some, but not against others.

In response to the recent accusations, Police last week sent out a press release stating they were looking into accusations of possible wrong-doing on the island.


According to information received by the BES-Reporter- which this medium has not been able to independently confirm with authorities as of yet- Police in the specific case of the bottle-throwing resident had reportedly stated they would not act against the gentleman, as he himself had filed several complaints against people throwing bottles on his property and nothing had been undertaken about that either.

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