Drug capture for Zr.Ms. Groningen and Coast Guard Caribbean

Willemstad – In a joint action at sea, the navy ship Zr.Ms. Metal Shark patrol boat intercepted a sailboat with drugs. On the radar systems of the Coast Guard and the Zr.Ms. Groningen, a fast go-fast behaved suspiciously. The Sr. Ms. Groningen which sailed near the sailboat has its two fast boats, called FRISCs, directed to the vessel. The sailboat was then approached by the FRISCs for a control on board.

During an extensive search, approximately 80 kilos of cocaine were found in three bales. The only one was a man of British nationality and he has been detained. Both the drugs and the man have been handed over to the police. The Coast Guard and the Groningen Coast Guard continue to patrol the coastlines of the islands intensively.

In addition to Zr.Ms Groningen, soldiers also patrol the country guarding the islands. The Coast Guard appeals to all civilians who suspect activities at sea and along coastlines situations to call the emergency number 913. With your cooperation, they will keep the sea and the coastlines of the islands safe.

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