Dutch Cabinet: No May Vacations this year

portret-rutte Foto Arenda Oomen
The Dutch caretaker cabinet of Prime Minister Mark Rutte is careful to relax current preventative measures in the country. Photo: Arenda Oomen

The Hague- The Dutch Cabinet continues to descourage travel abroad during the customer Many-vacation in the Netherlands.

Insiders confirm this, after reports from the Dutch Newspaper De Telegraaf. The negative travel advice so far still applied to the entire world until mid-April. The cabinet had previously promised to come up with new advice when it came to the May holiday, which runs until 9 May.

Infection rate

The cabinet had hope that the number of infections would be lower, so that more relaxation would be possible, but that is still not the case. As a result, all countries keep the color code orange, so that only necessary journeys are possible. Holidays are not included.

Travel Insurance

While travel is still possible, insurers in general do not want to provide travel insurance, which can make things complicated and risky. The Dutch caretaker cabinet will decide later on the summer holidays.

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