Dutch Cabinet studies use of Covid Test-certificates in Reopening Society

The Hague- The Dutch Cabinet has started a consultation about the use of test certificates on a large scale, in the reopening of society.

To this end, the Public Health Act (Wpg) will be amended. In this way, various events and activities can be organized safely earlier. The bill is aimed at using test certificates for access to sports and youth activities, cultural institutions, events, restaurants and other catering establishments.

In addition, secondary vocational education (MBO) and higher education (HO) can be designated by order in council in order to make more physical education possible by means of test certificates.


The ultimate use of test certificates will depend on the current circumstances, such as the epidemiological situation, current measures to combat the epidemic, practical feasibility and the availability of tests and test locations.

The proposed amendment is in line with the recently published SER advice on the safe opening or reopening of society and is in line with the earlier advice of the Health Council. Until Monday 15 March, anyone who wishes to do so can read and comment on the draft law via

The cabinet is also asking various authorities such as the Dutch Data Protection Authority and the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights for advice.

The bill will then go to the House of Representatives and the Senate before the law can enter into force.

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