Dutch Marine in Curaçao taken into Custody

Willemstad – A member of the Royal Dutch Marines has been arrested on Sunday, October 18, on suspicion of causing bodily harm to a colleague.

The suspect was brought in front of the examining magistrate, and put in 14 day preliminary detention. The official charges so far are attempted homicide and assault. The criminal investigation, conducted by the Royal Military Police in Curaçao under supervision of the Public Prosecutor’s office, is still ongoing.

The victim in the case, also a member of the Royal Dutch marine, was found with various injuries in an apartment complex in the proximity of the communal pool. The victim had sustained various (superficial) injuries, as well as a broken ankle and a cut to his elbow.

The suspicion is that the suspect is somehow responsible for the sustained injuries. There are no other suspects. The victim is a well-known colleague of the suspect; they drank alcohol together that evening. There is also a suspicion of possible drug use by the suspect.

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