Echo Vital For Rescued Birds

Echo Is Vital For Rescued Birds

Kralendijk – Although they could not give tours because of the lockdown, the captive birds were still in the spotlight. They were able to continue the rehabilitation efforts thanks to the support in the last campaign: Protect Parrots of Hope. 

Here are some highlights of the past few months:

  • 3 Rescued ex pets and injured parrots
  • 3 Rescued baby parakeet
  • Provide care for 18 captive parrots unable to return to the wild
  • 5 Release rescued parrots being trained to go back into the wild 
  • Continuous training provided to staff on husbandry and wild parrot monitoring
  • Nest monitoring started early march this year for protection of the wild populations
  • Supporting Provita in the writing of a nation action plan for the Yellow Shouldered Amazon parrots as the only 2 conservation programs worldwide for this species.

They do realise at every step of this journey that it is a call to continue doing conservation for this unique species and their habitat. But they cannot do it alone. 

They count on you again to make this breeding season a success!

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