Echo’s Wildlife Guardians

Kralendijk – For these past few months the area of education was not active every week as it normally would be, because of the Covid-19 lockdown they had to wait a few weeks to start back.

By the time the lockdown ended, the youngsters in training to become “Wildlife Guardians” were happy to visit again. During the week that the children returned, they helped with various tasks such as feeding the parrots and picking fruit in the wild. 

In May Echo integrated more themes to the program. For example, by bringing more awareness for World Environmental Day. The children received presentations from the team about the protected areas of Bonaire, how can recycling benefit us and where can it be done here in Bonaire. The team also went with the children to a recycle station for them to see some of the process of recycling.

Through the “Wildlife Guardians” education program they teach local schoolchildren that nature, the environment, our culture and economic prosperity are connected. Echo’s work is usually focused on protecting the Yellow-shouldered Amazon and reforestation, but they also want to contribute to raising awareness about litter on Bonaire, because litter forms a threat to all wildlife including the ocean.

In celebration of The World Ocean Day: Life and livelihoods, they presented the results of a 4 day clean up. An activity to engage student with citizens science on one of Bonaire’s most famous coastline, the “tourist road”. Students collected data about the type of litter that they found, but also note the brand names of products that are polluting our nature. They now understand to importance of not littering.

By giving to The Fledging Future Generations on Bonaire campaign you will contribute to empower locals including those in the Wildlife Guardian program!

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