EQ Bonaire organizes its first Pride event in June 2023

Gaypride Curaçao

KRALENDIJK – EQ Bonaire will be organizing the first Pride Bonaire event, which will take place from June 22 to 25, 2023.

EQ Bonaire is a small non-profit organization that aims to increase understanding and create a safe space for everyone within the LGBTQI+ community. The LGBTQI+ family has, is, and will always be a part of the island community, which is why the slogan for this year is “Nos T’ ei, Nos T’ei”, meaning “We are here”.

The goal of Pride Bonaire is not only to organize fun gatherings where people can come together, but also to gain and spread knowledge about the LGBTQI+ community. EQ Bonaire strives to ensure that everyone in the community feels welcome in all age groups by encouraging a soft approach. This creates space for everyone and makes everyone feel welcome at all times.

Organizing such an event, however, poses challenges for a small non-profit organization like EQ Bonaire. Therefore, they are asking for your support. You can do this through financial sponsorship, volunteering, providing products, facilities, or locations. Please feel free to contact EQ Bonaire about how you can help.


At the moment, EQ Bonaire is preparing pride packages with decoration materials in rainbow colors to help local businesses decorate their storefronts or hang a rainbow flag. These packages will soon be sold as a fundraiser for Pride Bonaire.

EQ Bonaire believes in your support and hopes to make the first Pride Bonaire an unforgettable, fun, and interesting event for everyone.

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