Establishment of the Business Federation Bonaire (BFB)

Kralendijk – It was a long-held wish that the employers’ representatives on Bonaire would unite and jointly participate as one party in the Bonaire Central Dialogue. In recent months, the four organisations Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association (BONHATA), Bonaire Business and Employers Association (BBE), Bonaire Hospitality Group (BHG) and the Bonaire Innovation and Commerce Council (BICC) have therefore consulted intensively on the formation of a joint employers’ umbrella organisation.

This led to the establishment of the Business Federation Bonaire (BFB).

The four parties are working together in the new federation with a view to joint representation on employer-related topics. The parties therefore jointly participate as BFB in the Central Dialogue and in consultation with other organisations where the interest of employers on Bonaire is represented. Of course, every association continues to operate independently while maintaining everyone’s own identity and they continue to stand up for the interests of their members.

Yesterday they signed the BFB’s founding protocol.

The board is composed as follows:

Chairman: Luite Berkenbosch (BONHATA)

Secretary: Nadine Emerenciana (BICC)

Treasurer: Eddy Carillo (BBE)

Vice-chairman: Paul Coolen (BHG)

Member: Bas Noij (BONHATA)

The founders are convinced that with the establishment of BFB they have taken an important step in their cooperation, for the benefit of the business community and a sustainable prosperous Bonaire.

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