First Partial Lock-down for Bonaire

Kralendijk- Starting in the night of Sunday on Monday, September 21, Bonaire will see its first partial lock-down. The measures are taken now that the number of ‘active’ Covid cases has increased to no less than 26.

Under the new measures, residents are encouraged to stay home as much as possible. Bars and restaurants will be closed for dine-in, and most places of business will also have to stay closed. The same is true for gyms and for barbers and beauty salons. Essential services such as supermarkets and gas stations will however continue to be operational.

By implementing the stricter measures, the Government of Bonaire hopes that the recent spike in Covid-19 cases can be once again controlled.


As of Monday, Bonaire will be considered ‘code orange’ as to the Covid-situation. While flights from The Netherlands will continue, Governor Edison Rijna called on travelers to limit themselves only to essential travelers.

The change to code Orange will impact travel in more ways than one, because this means that travelers flying from Bonaire to Amsterdam, will now also quarantine for 10 days in The Netherlands.


Governor Rijna informed that schools will stay open for now. However, if the current partial lock down does not yield the desired results, more drastic measures will be considered.

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