First Statia ‘Taste of the Cultures’ for 2021 declared a resounding success

First Statia ‘Taste of the Cultures’ for 2021 declared a resounding success

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius – Thursday March 25th saw the return of Statia Taste of the Cultures (TOTC) which was the first held since the Covid-19 outbreak last March. Hosted by Statia Tourism, a celebratory mood pervaded throughout the Lion’s Den, with enthusiastic residents in attendance, eager to grab on to some semblance of normalcy the event represented. The TOTC was opened by Ms. Natasha Radjouki, Program Manager of Culture, on behalf of Deputy Government Commissioner.

Patrons were treated to captivating presentations which included singing, dancing by Bethel Methodist School Grade 7 students and entertainment by the Turbulanz band, not forgetting Statia’s very own DJ Maxx, whose music resonated throughout the night signaling a resounding restart to the monthly culinary cultural experience.

The festivities were further enhanced by the presence of a couple who have become very dear to Statia. Beau and Brandy, two sailors who came to Statia via a neighboring island, not knowing what to expect, were so enamored with what they found that they stayed here for approximately 6 weeks! During this time, they documented their Statia experience, introducing the island to their audience through captivating YouTube videos. Hikes and dives, two of Statia’s main tourist attractions were showcased in a grand light. Noteworthy historical sites and the warm hospitality of the people were also highlighted. Statia government and tourism are truly appreciative of the couple’s promotion of beautiful Statia and to express their gratitude, Beau and Brandy were honored with the presentation of a plaque on behalf of Statians. The plaque was presented to the couple by Vishal Oedjaghir, Commercial Manager of Transport; Ms. Maya Pandt, Product Development Manager of the tourism office, accompanied by Ms. Natasha Radjouki, of the department of Culture. “Thus far, their 4 videos have amassed over 23K views each, awakening the possibility of attracting more visitors to our shores” said Maya Pandt.

As Statia Tourism, the organizers of this monthly event, reflect on the first Taste of the Cultures night of 2021, there is reason to be pleased. The turnout was great, patrons were satisfied with the food options, entertainment kept them on their toes and the island’s two new-found friends Beau and Brandy, were honored. Until Thursday, April 29th when the next gathering will again be held, they will bask in the aftermath of a well-executed event. “It was a good night” said Maya.

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