Flamingo Airport Exit Road finally repaired

The clinkers being put in place on Saturday

KRALENDIJK – The exit road at the Flamingo airport on Bonaire, about which The BES-Reporter recently wrote, has finally been restored.

The road had an enormous pothole, the size of a full size car, which affected all drivers using the road to pick up or drop off people, as well as arriving tourists who rented a car. Although the huge hole in the road had appeared some time ago, repairs turned out not to be as easy as expected.

Not only was there abundant rainfall, but there was also the construction holiday, which made repairs in the run-up to and shortly after Christmas impossible. An additional factor that caused delays was the lack of asphalt on the island.


After the intervention of the deputy of Tourism and Economy, Hennyson Thielman, an alternative solution was found in the repair of the damaged road section with clinkers. The work was carried out on Saturday by the Bonaireaanse Wegenbouw Maatschappij (BWM).

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