Fraudulent online lenders active on Bonaire

Fraudulent online lenders active on Bonaire

Kralendijk – Recently, there have been several signs of fraudulent practices by online lenders operating under the names “Pacific Finance” and “Global Investors”. These types of fake companies present themselves as a financial institution and offer cheap loans through website, email or online posts.

By offering low interest rates and making few demands, it seems very attractive to take out credit with these types of fake companies. The companies may ask for identity details and then request to transfer money one or more times before the loan is provided. Ultimately, it turns out that no loan is being provided. It is therefore important that you are alert if you want to take out a loan. When in doubt, ask your bank for advice and always file a report if you have become a victim of fraud.

In the coming period, KPCN will continue to actively provide information about these forms of cybercrime.

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