Gas Price Increases nearly 20% on Bonaire

Kralendijk- Starting May 7, 2021 the price of gasoline in Bonaire will go from 1.04 dollar to 1.24 dollar per liter; a jump of nearly 20%.

According to Government, the price increase has to do with a general price increase on the world markets. Goverment also point out, in a release sent out today, that the price of fuel had not been adjusted since July 2020. Government foresees further price increases, due to the fact that the Refinery in Curaçao is no longer producing fuel.

Motorist in Curaçao are already paying an extra markup of about 25 dollar cents per liter, to help guarantee the uninterrupted fuel supply to the island, because of the lack of ‘own production’ on the island.

On Bonaire the amount to be added to current fuel prices, to factor in the surcharge, is still being studied.

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