Government Bonaire Constructs Dirt Road to deal with Seawater near Yacht Harbor

While the intention seems good, so far the dirt road is a ‘road to no where’ as it was only half-way finished since Saturday. Photo: Government of Bonaire

Kralendijk- The Department of Spatial Planning and Development of the Government of Bonaire has started on the construction of what they call a ’temporary dirt road’ on the Bulevar Gobernador Nicolaas Debrot.

The area is increasingly plagued by sea water streaming onto the road, in the bend around Harbor Village Marina. When this happens, motorists are forced to drive through seawater with their vehicle.

According to Government, the problem is now ‘solved’ by the construction of a temporary dirt road, for motorists to circumvent the troubled area.


Preparations for the construction of the road started on Friday, but have unfortunately not finished which makes the situation worse than it was before. Drivers driving onto the dirt road will notice it is a dead end road.

According to Government, work is still ongoing and it is ‘hoped’ that the dirt road will be completed quickly so that motorists no longer have to drive their car through salt water near the marina.

No mention is made in the Government’s press release about a structural solution for the problem which has plagued this road for years.

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