Government meets cruise sector for discussions about way forward

Government meets cruise sector for discussions about way forward

Kralendijk – Last Monday, August 16, Commissioner Hennyson Thielman had a fruitful meeting with the Bonaire Cruise Tourism Association (BCTA). The purpose of the meeting was to share several important points related to the improvement of the sector.

Recently, the Bonairean island government has announced its vision on the cruise tourism sector, which has been elaborated in the Tourism Recovery Plan. The plan emphasizes changes to improve our cruise tourism policy and to attract visitors in a more strategic way. In connection with this, Commissioner Hennyson Thielman has sat down several times with the BCTA, which has a common goal: the well-being of the sector. Together, various points were discussed that can serve as reinforcement when working on improvement and stability of the sector.

Some of the results of these meetings include the creation of a working group to achieve sustainable stability for the taxi companies and all others who work either directly or indirectly in the cruise industry. Discussions will also continue with the BCTA about how to mediate together with the Port Office and the TCB to attract cruise lines that are cheaper and better for Bonaire.

Mediation and exchange of views will take place together with the TCB and the Port Office about all information relating to the development of Bonaire. The BCTA has made itself available to assist with various plans, such as an implementation plan to help local entrepreneurs to do business in the cruise sector, data policies and more effective forms to use this channel in decision-making, action plan for gatherings and cruise zone policy.

Commissioner Thielman is pleased that he was able to sit down with the BCTA to better understand how to work together to achieve concrete results for the industry. Meetings will continue on an ongoing basis to ensure existing concerns are addressed and actions are taken that focus on an efficient cruise tourism policy.

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