Governor: ‘No Immediate Volcano Threat Saba’

The Bottom, Saba- Governor Jonathan Johnson of Saba has assured residents on Saba there is no immediate threat from volcanic activity on the island.

“There has been some misinformation with regards to volcanic activity on Saba, circulating on social media. This serves to clarify that the photo distributed was taken on 13 March 2020, describing a dead patch of vegetation about 35 feet wide on top of Mount Scenery”, said Jonhson in a press statement on Thursday afternoon.

Johnson explained that in March under guidance by the volcanologist of the KNMI, a team of 5 Saba Conservation Foundation (SCF) staff were sent up on 15 March 2020 to investigate the area for a possible volcanic gas venting event, causing the vegetation die off. Johnson says that no such evidence could be found at the time.


However, as Johnson continued to explain, the KNMI instructed the SCF to continue monitoring the suspicious area. “Up to now, no new developments could be recorded. Small scale volcanic venting events are nothing unusual and can be witnessed every day at the Hot Springs on the shore opposite Green Island. There is no indication for any cause of concern”, according to the Governor.


Governor Johnson calls on residents to be careful in information they distribute, especially if this is incorrect or can cause panic in the community.

“It is everyone’s right to share information but also everyone’s responsibility to ensure that what they are sharing is legitimate and accurate information”, said Johnson. The Governor also ensured that adequate monitoring on volcanic activity continued to be in place on the island.

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