Hennyson Thielman New Commissioner Bonaire

Hennyson Thielman will be replacing MPB Party Leader Elvis Tjin Asjoe as the Comissioner of Finance & Tourism.

Kralendijk- Hennyson Thielman (MPB) will be the new Commissioner in the Executive Council of Bonaire. Thielman will be replacing departing Commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe who recently resigned.

Thielman, who himself was also a candidate in the latest Island Council elections, so far worked as assistant to Tjin Asjoe.

Tjin Asjoe in a short release yesterday evening said he trusted Thielman would do well as he already had first-hand knowledge of various important files and matters he himself worked on.

As of late Thielman was, among others, involved with the Masterplan 2030 but also with the Economic and Tourism Recovery plans, dealing with the fallout of the current Covid-crisis.


The change at the Executive level is not the only change. Renata Domacassé and Joselito Statia will also leave the Island Council. Tjin Asjoe and MPB candidat ‘Din’ Domacassé will replace them.

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