Henriquez: “UPC Will fight for Price Control Ordinance on Statia”

Elvin Henriquez and Carmen Nova during their Facebook Live

Oranjestad, St. Eustatius- Why are there no price controls on the island of St. Eustatius? This is the question which was raised by UPC party leaders Elvin Henriquez during a recent Facebook Live.

Henriquez said he blamed the Government Commissioners for not being more proactive on the issue, as the matter of prices in the supermarket was directly impacting many Statians, each and every day.

Henriquez told his audience that he invited all voters to visit the Government website to look to all the ordinances which have been put in place and which are still pending to be put in place. “Price control is not one of them” said Henriquez, who added that he had gone through all the 130 current and pending ordinances on Government’s website and that he knew exactly what he was talking about.

Henriquez also warned voters to be careful who they voted for. “Some parties and specifically some politicians have their mouth full about certain things. Yet, they are appointed in Governement, specifically to work on price controls and they are not doing it”, clearly referring to former PLP Party Leader Clyde van Putten without mentioning him.

Reasonable alternative

In a conversation with the BES-Reporter Henriquez said his party wanted to be the ‘reasonable alternative’ between the two bigger parties, DP and PLP. “We want to focus on issues important to the residents of St. Eustatius”, said Henriquez. “We may not be the biggest party, but we have good people and we are sure we will be able to make a positive contribution in our Island Council”.

Henriquez said he had also called on DP and PLP to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to work together for the interest of the public -prior election- rather than to fight along party lines.

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