Hestia CSC and BonLab will Now Offer Super-fast Testing for all Travelers

The setting up of the new facilities will soon be completed. Photo: Hestia.

Kralendijk- Local Medical Laboratory BonLab and Dutch company Hestia Cardiovascular Service Center (Hestia CSC), will soon start to offer super-fast testing against Covid-19 for travelers on Bonaire.

Even the results of the relatively complicated PCR test will soon be available in no more than 20 minutes, opening up many new options for both incoming and outgoing travelers.

This week the necessary equipment arrived on the island, as well as technical support personnel for the setup of the new facilities, adjacent to Flamingo Airport. The companies are also working on a website with information about the various types of tests. Apart from full fledged PCR tests, rapid antigen testing is also available.

Game changers

The new testing capacity at BonLab can be considered an important game changer for the tourism industry on the island.

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