Hope shines for Oil Terminal Bonaire

KRALENDIJK – There is again some hope for the oil transshipment company BOPEC on Bonaire, now that a ban on loading and unloading at the company by Rijkswaterstaat has been lifted.

After the closure of the company and the declared bankruptcy, curator Stan van Liere has worked hard to address overdue maintenance. The curator also managed to sell various loads of oil that were still stored in the tanks. As a result, several million have flowed into the bankrupt estate. Van Liere’s report indicates that the received millions could help to pay off outstanding debts.

However, not all claims have been settled yet. There are still various procedures pending from creditors who want to see something returned from the bankrupt estate.


Despite the bankruptcy, a relatively large group of employees are still working at the terminal to get it operational again. Due to the favorable developments, there seems to be hope for a restart of the company. Meanwhile, there are even concrete expressions of interest from various parties.

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