Horticulture Advisory Committee established on Saba

Members of the Committee Vernon Libur, Mopsy Every, Reid Barnes Sr. and Menno van der Velde together with Commissioner Rolando Wilson. Photo: Government of Saba

The Bottom, Saba- Commissioner of Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Husbandry Rolando Wilson late last week established an Advisory Committee Horticulture on Saba.

According to the Commissioner, the various horticulture activities on Saba need some more structure and expert advice to make the activities in this area more effective and efficient. “Although Government is no farming expert, it has an obligation to make sure that her people are able to grow and/or to buy enough fresh vegetables and fruits to lead a healthy life,” said Wilson.

The Commissioner explained that for this reason, Government some time ago initiated the Farm at Zion’s Hill and The Garden in The Level. Next to these existing projects, Government is executing the project to set up a hydroponic farm at Rendezvous and green houses for both schools as well as the Benevolent Foundation.

Fruits & Vegetables

The Commissioner said that the COVID-19 epidemic has made very clear that Saba needs to become less dependent on the imports of fruits and vegetables. “That is why we also need to strengthen our home gardening by the people.”

The established Advisory Committee Horticulture, which consists of private citizens and Head of the Agricultural Department Randall Johnson, will advice the Commissioner how to strengthen home gardening  and to make the executing of horticulture activities and projects more efficient and effective. 

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