Improved Harbor Bonaire after South Pier Extension

A view of ongoing work at the South Pier. Photo: Government of Bonaire

Kralendijk- According to the Government of Bonaire, the port of Bonaire will soon be more attractive, safer and logistically better equipped, after an extension with of the South Pier with additional 44 meters.

Work on the extension has recently started. The 21 posts that will support the new part of the pier have already been drilled into the seabed. After the drilling, concrete was added to the posts to make them stronger.

Early next year, the ready made parts of the pier will arrive from the Netherlands to be assembled locally.


With the expansion to the south, the center pier will always available for containers. Due to the extension of the pier, both cargo and cruise ships can dock better.

This also applies to the car boats. The extension comes after the south pier repair project. The expansion was part of the port’s master plan.

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