In Bonaire: Commissioner Tjin Asjoe Resigns

Kralendijk- Commissioner Elvis Tjin Asjoe (MPB) today has announced he will resign from his current position as commissioner of the Public Entity Bonaire.

According to Tjin Asjoe, the decision was taking in good consultation with his party. The commissioner was increasingly under pressure after the 2021 was not submitted in a timely fashion and presentation of one of his pet projects, the Master Plan 2030 was postponed.

Tjin Asjoe was also criticized within his own party when he got in conflict with Ben Oleana as temporary custodian at the Bonaire Holding Group. Oleana accused the Tjin Asjoe led Executive Council of too much meddling and too many sins against the principles of Good Governance.


Apart from his political worries, the commissioner earlier this week announced he and his wife had started divorce proceedings. “Although we will seperate on good terms, it is still something which greatly affects me personally”, said Tjin Asjoe in conversation with the BES-Reporter.

Tjin Asjoe also forcefully denied rumors on Social Media about an alleged affair with one of his subordinates. “Totally untrue”, said Tjin Asjoe.

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