Income Inequality Bonaire relatively Stable over the years

Kralendijk – According to statistics from the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS), Bonaire’s income inequality is the most stable among the islands of the Caribbean Netherlands. Its Gini coefficient had a value of 0.40 in 2018.

The disparities in standardized disposable income have remained unchanged on Bonaire since 2011. Expressed in terms of the Gini coefficient 0 means total equality: everyone has the same income, and 1 means total inequality: one person has all the income, the rest has none.

St Eustatius has the largest income inequality of the three Caribbean islands. In 2018 the Gini coefficient had a value of 0.42. Saba has the lowest income inequality of the BES islands. The value of the Gini coefficient was 0.37 in 2017 and 2018.

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