International Day for People with Disabilities via live broadcast Curacao

Willemstad – On 3rd December the broadcast starts at 13:00 and lasts until 19:00. All of Curacao can follow the presentations and meetings on this day for the people with disabilities. The broadcast can be followed on TV channels and several pages on Facebook.

Nos Pais Televishon, Direct TV 13, Telecuraçao and on the Facebook of Curadise ESO (Evento show i otro), Extra, Kiko ta  Pasando, Pure Quality Productions and also on the Facebook of the various organizations the live marathon broadcast of 6 hours can be followed to celebrate the day of people with disabilities. 3rd December has been declared a day for persons with disabilities by the United Nations.

On Curacao, various organizations such as Fundashon Pro Bista, Fundashon Alton Paas, Parent Association Totolika, SGR-Groep, Foundation for Auditory Disabilities, Fundashon Kontakto, Sentro Solaris in collaboration with Tayer Sosial St. Martha and Funditut, Curacao Down Syndrome Awareness, Foundation MS, Handicaps Rights Foundation, Curacao Disability Awareness i Fundashon Amigunan Uni for the first time joined hands to bring forward the value and competence of persons with disabilities in our society for the first time.

It covers people with disabilities who are in work or run their own businesses and people with disabilities who havefreshtalent.

You will also see and hear what developments have taken place thanks to our advocates, to improve the well-being of people with disabilities.

At the end of the live broadcast there are panels in which representatives of the different organizations and ministers will exchange views on the challenges and the results to be achieved in order to ensure an inclusive and accessible Curacao together.

During the program, the audience will be invited to participate actively. Various statements and questions will be presented via Whatsapp or the Facebook page. The responses to the statements and questions can be shared by means of voices or answers via the posting of a comment or a comment via Whatsapp

The various organizations invite the entire curacao community to experience this historic moment through your favorite television station, radio or Facebook page and to actively participate in the program.

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