Island Governor Rijna at King Willem-Alexander’s breakfast session

Island Governor Rijna and other administrators of small island states were invited by King Willem-Alexander for a breakfast session

KRALENDIJK/NEW YORK – Island Governor Edison Rijna, who is currently on a working visit to New York, took part in a breakfast session on Wednesday morning to which King Willem-Alexander invited delegates from the Small Island Developing States (SIDS). Topics of discussion included climate change and the consequences for small island states.

Prior to the meeting, the King extensively discussed the threat to Bonaire in a video message and how the island is preparing for changes in climate, for example by strengthening the mangrove forests. After the breakfast session, Rijna attended the official opening of the Water Conference in the plenary hall of the United Nations. King Willem-Alexander explicitly mentioned the Caribbean parts of the Kingdom in his opening speech.

After the opening, the  Governor took part in a several sessions on water management, in particular in relation to small island states, and he established contacts with parties who may be able to do something for Bonaire in the future. 


Bonaire itself will also host a meeting during which Rijna will discuss the consequences of climate change that the island is already experiencing, such as the enormous flooding in November and what role the Bonaire Climate Table plays in taking measures against, among other things, the rise in sea levels.

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