Island Governor Rijna consults with Minister Harbers about water management

KRALENDIJK/THE HAGUE – Island Governor Edison Rijna paid a working visit to The Hague last week from his position of supervisor of public order, security and disaster relief on Bonaire.

The subject of various discussions – including with the Minister of Infrastructure and Water Management, Mark Harbers – was the recently received report on integrated water management.

At the request of the Island Governor, after examining the local situation, experts led by dike warden Hein Pieper of the Rijn & IJssel Water Board have made recommendations as to which measures should be taken to combat flooding and prevent damage to nature, taking into account heavier rainfall due to climate change. The Lieutenant Governor has spoken with Minister Harbers and his staff about measures that are needed to tackle urgent bottlenecks in the short term and what is needed in the longer term to structurally achieve sustainable water management.

Expertise and support

“It is clear to all parties that Bonaire cannot do this alone. The Netherlands is a world leader in the field of water management, so we don’t have to look far for expertise and support in implementing the recommendations,” said Lieutenant Governor Rijna after his visit to the headquarters of the Rijn & IJssel Water Board.

In addition to these meetings, Lieutenant Governor Rijna also held talks with the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and quartermaster Ed Nijpels about the progress of the climate table for Bonaire. The report on this is expected in May.

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