Islands worried about New Dutch Travel Restrictions

The tourism sector on Bonaire is strongly dependent on flights out of The Netherlands. Photo: Harald Linkels

Kralendijk- The Dutch Caribbean islands are worried about the continuation of flights from Amsterdam, now that new travel restrictions have promted KLM to decide to abandon most long-haul flights.

According to new measures taken by the Dutch Cabinet, travelers flying to Amsterdam will now not only need a negative PCR test, but will also have to take a rapid ‘anti-gen’ test before actually boarding.

KLM stated that the new obligation could mean that they carrier would have to leave employees who test positive on the rapid ‘anti-gen’ test behind. “As a good employer, we will never leave any staff behind in a foreign country”, said KLM in a statement.


The decision by KLM would not only impact passenger flights, but also cargo flights. In how far flights to the Dutch Caribbean islands will continue, is still unknown. Tui in the meantime has communicated that flights to and from the islands would continue for now. KLM however on Wednesday evening had not put out a statement as of yet , when it comes to flights to the Caribbean part of the Kingdom.

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