Kaya Amsterdam will get a full Makeover

Kralendijk- According to information from the Goverment of Bonaire, Kaya Amsteram will get a drastic makeover in 2021.

The makeover will not come one moment too soon, because the the traffic vein is severely deteriorated.

The project will be put out to tender in the first quarter of 2021. After selection of the company to executed the project, work starts.

The Kaya Amsterdam will be rebuilt from the roundabout in Hato to the Kaya Caribe. A two-way cycle path will be built on the south side of Kaya Amsterdam.

Insertion lane

There will also be an insertion lane opposite primary school De Pelikaan to improve road safety. The light poles will be moved to get create enough space.

The utility companies are given the opportunity to use the road works to renew or modify their cables and pipelines. The new road, once completed, should have a lifespan of about 30 years.

Several roads on Bonaire are being rebuilt as part of the “Road Management Plan”. The Public Entity started with the implementation in 2017 and the project will run until 2026. The work is being financed by the Kingdom Government in The Hague.

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